Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Journey

So...Ike put a little hitch in my get-along...but power is back...and here is a new blog post! I wanted to update you all on my anxiety. While I still do not feel totally back to normal, I am much better. I cannot thank y'all enough for all of the prayers that you have lifted up in Christopher and my name. Through lots of prayer, petition, and counsel, Christopher and I decided that I needed to take this year and try to make it as stress free as possible. As a result, I am not teaching this year. I a million years...would have guessed that I would be where I am right now...but, being here means that I am in the Lord's Will...and that is exactly where I need and want to be. It's a bit crazy...the journeys we take. We never can tell what He has in store for us...but it's always better than what we can imagine. Here is where He has me right now...I am working for an amazing, Christian couple who are holistic kinesiologists; the office is literally two minutes away from our apartment; I have Wednesday off (and for the first time I'm able to go to Wednesday morning Bible studies); and Christopher and I are able to spend more time together due to the hours that he is working at the moment. I'm really looking forward to getting into this new routine (and always staying flexible, of course.) :)

For those of you who are wondering how Christopher and I weathered during Ike, we were extremely blessed. While my hubby worked overnight on Friday, our friends, Lindsay and Ryan Miller, took me in. Uncle David and Amy welcomed us into their home while our's was out of power for two nights, and our dear friends, the Keplers, also hosted us in their home for three nights. We finally got that back last night. I have to tell you that it was quite amazing to see neighbors out talking to and helping one another and children playing outside. It seemed...for a moment...that I was back on Lawndale Drive in Richardson, Texas. Memories flooded into my mind of my own childhood, and how blessed I was to live in the "Leave It to Beaver" neighborhood that I did.

Anywho...I'll keep y'all updated on our happenings and how things are going here in Houston, Texas. There's more to come!