Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exciting News!

Some of y'all already know...but I wanted to share it with everyone! Asher Gray Photography is officially a business! Were you thinking I was going to tell you we were pregnant?! No...not at the moment! :) Our new baby is our photography business! We have our blog up and's working as our website for right now until we can get everything finalized. When we transfer everything over to the website our blog will be much more personal! Christopher designed our business cards (which I'll post a picture of)...they're beautiful! If you haven't checked our photographs out yet, please do! The address is You can also find us on facebook! This is amazing and we're SO excited!

These are a few pictures that Christopher and I took of each other. We were scouting a new location here in NW Houston...and had to test it out! :)

Here's the pictures of our first set of business cards that we ordered. My hubby did a stand-up job! :)

This is one of the pieces that Christopher created for our fabulous high school seniors!

I'll update y'all as this journey continues to unfold. I can't wait to give details as to how we're planning to blend our youth ministry with Asher Gray! God is SO good! :)