Friday, August 29, 2008


As many of you know, August 25th (this last Monday) was the first day back to school for the kiddos. The previous morning, I had experienced a terrible anxiety attack that landed me in the hospital. I've been to my anxiety doctor...and medications were adjusted, but nothing seemed to be helping. I had my first meeting with a Naturalistic/Holistic doctor here in Houston (I had been to one in Fort Worth while living there) and was absolutely amazed and excited that God had brought me to that particular office. I had heard many wonderful testimonies from friends, but had yet to experience it for myself. As soon as I walked into the office, I was given a peace (it's such a wonderful's a husband and a wife...and they even have a playroom so their two beautiful children (and one on the way) can be up there with them.) I saw them again today...which is simply an act of our sovereign Lord because it is SO hard to get in there! All of this to say...I have yet to go back to school and my anxiety is not enabling me to do a lot as of now. Dr. Hopkins (the naturalistic doctor) has pin-pointed some problems and has giving me supplements that he thinks will take action very soon. How wonderful that would be! Please be in prayer for Christopher and I as we pray about my teaching career, the anxiety, our finances (the Lord ALWAYS comes through with this!), and patience for both of us. Christopher came home yesterday with two movies and a BEAUTIFUL bunch of white flowers for me! (Many of you know how buying flowers can give Christopher an anxiety attack! ;) (...hey...I have to try and have SOME laughs about this!) meant the world to me. I have an amazing, supportive, loving, and strong husband. :)

I wanted to include some pictures on this entry and realized that I hadn't posted any from when our Sunday School went on it's first excursion to God's Food Pantry! It was a lot of fun...enjoy! :)

Some of us girls (can you tell how early in the morning it was?! No make-up!!)

The boys being...well...the boys!

Sweet Jack!

Where are those Child Labor Laws when you need them?!

Keepin' busy!

You ARE looking at this picture right! Dana is actually on the floor playing with the children! ;)

Keagan...taking stock of the shelves! Cutie patootie!

Busy...busy boys! Don't know what we would have done without their help! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


So...I've realized that I'm not a great blogger! I'm going to try and be more timely in my posts...but the next couple weeks are going to be crazy! My school's inservice starts this coming Monday...and the kiddos come the following Monday! Yikes! Where did the summer go?? Christopher has started his new job as a dispatcher at the Humble Police Department. He's enjoying the change of pace and the constant learning that is going on. I get to hear the amazing stories about the people that he gets to talk to! Christopher is also working on his application for the Houston Police Department's Academy. I know...I know...we were suppose to be headed for Russia, but God has a different course for us to take right now. It looks like we'll be in the States...and Houston...for a while longer! God is so good and gracious!

I have a couple prayer requests to send out to our prayer warriors. Please pray that Christopher and I will continue to follow God's will...and be patient in waiting for it. My mother could also use your prayers. She is moving into her new house...and needs to be out of the one she's lived in for 29 years by the 30th of September. Obviously this is a BIG change for her. Please pray that she continues to lean and rely on God for her strength...and that she has peace about the new adventures that lay before her. Lastly for anxiety has been quite the thorn for the past couple of weeks. Please be praying for healing and that I would continue to turn to our sovereign Lord for my comfort, protection, and peace.

I'm including a verse and an amazing story on here that I read from another friend's blog.

Philippians 3:10-11: "-That I may know HIM and the POWER of HIS resurrection, and may share HIS sufferings, becoming like HIM in HIS death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead."

Here are her humbling and inspiring words:
"WOW! I felt so convicted because the first part of that verse is easy to take---YES who does NOT want to KNOW the POWER of THE RESURRECTION of CHRIST, BUT...its that second part that stopped me in my tracks--AND SHARING in HIS SUFFERINGS? How MANY of us can say in what ever circumstance you give or take away ---"BLESSED BE YOUR NAME?""