Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anniversary Weekend!

Christopher and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend! We were able to dedicate the whole weekend and Monday to having fun! On Saturday, I took C to the Wiener Dog races! read that right! The Wiener Dog races! If you know C's family, you know that as soon as I learned about this I just HAD to take him there! It was SO funny! Here are a few snap shots...

One of the little racers!

The big dogs!

Heehee! Too cute!

You know you love your dog when you shade him instead of yourself in 100+ degree weather! :)

Look at the little gates they made for them!

Those ears!

On Monday, C took Bailey and I to the beach for a cookout. Yes...that's the beach...not a big tub full of chocolate milk! :)

Bailey had SO much fun! This was her first trip to the beach!

Her little set up...

Our little set up...

Bailey got a little over-zealous at the sight of sand!

Our drip sand castle!

Big dogs = the perfect place to hide!! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another new addition to the Klausmeyer family...and to our ever-growing Sunday School! :) Should I be drinking that water?! ;) I was blessed to be able to visit Wyatt, Colton, Heather, and Kurtis the day after his birth. There was visiting; a little painting of Heather's toenails :); and loving on Colton and Wyatt!

My favorite picture of Wyatt...

So sweet!

Love that face! :)

I have no idea what was going on...but it made for a cute picture!

This ed me up! While we were attempting to get a family photo, all Colton wanted to do was touch his little brother! He never let his eyes off of me...and VERY carefully could sneak his little hand over. For some reason they always caught him! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exciting News!

Some of y'all already know...but I wanted to share it with everyone! Asher Gray Photography is officially a business! Were you thinking I was going to tell you we were pregnant?! No...not at the moment! :) Our new baby is our photography business! We have our blog up and's working as our website for right now until we can get everything finalized. When we transfer everything over to the website our blog will be much more personal! Christopher designed our business cards (which I'll post a picture of)...they're beautiful! If you haven't checked our photographs out yet, please do! The address is You can also find us on facebook! This is amazing and we're SO excited!

These are a few pictures that Christopher and I took of each other. We were scouting a new location here in NW Houston...and had to test it out! :)

Here's the pictures of our first set of business cards that we ordered. My hubby did a stand-up job! :)

This is one of the pieces that Christopher created for our fabulous high school seniors!

I'll update y'all as this journey continues to unfold. I can't wait to give details as to how we're planning to blend our youth ministry with Asher Gray! God is SO good! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ranger School

Christopher's middle brother, Jonathan, is in the middle of Ranger School right now. Thank you for all who are praying for him, as well as my new sister, Katherine. Dalese sent me this video that gave me more insight into what Jonathan is going through. Part of my prayer for him is that the Lord would be his strength; nourishment; warmth...that God would give him endurance and energy...that Jonathan would find all of his rest in God alone.

There are about seven 4 minute clips in all. Please take a moment to watch them (the rest are on youtube)...and continue to pray for Jonathan and Katherine.

I love you Jon-Phinn and Katherine.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Fun

I KNOW!! Don't fall out of your chair! I'm posting for the first time in a month! :)

I wanted to post some pictures of Jonathan and Katherine's wedding, but J & K have them in their possession! It was a beautiful ceremony and such a blessing to all be together (finally!) When I get those, I'll post them!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the 3 weeks that Dalese and Mick were here in Texas!

The entire family after J & K's rehearsal dinner.

After the wedding, we all went back to MeeMaw's house to hang out. Here's my youngest brother being...well...himself!

I love his eyes in this picture...had no idea he was doing this!

Ahhh...brotherly love!

Rebecca and Lizzy...our second cousins. They are the SWEETEST girls in the world!

Ummm...Glen? :)

Mick's birthday party at Bonny Methvin's!

Dalese with Jody's sweet baby girl, Dylan.

This was after Uncle David's 60th birthday party. One of my favorite pictures!

Most of the family!

The family playing with Legos! :)

Look what a great job Steven is doing! :)

Dalese taught me how to knit...I couldn't stop! :)