Monday, February 16, 2009

Ranger School

Christopher's middle brother, Jonathan, is in the middle of Ranger School right now. Thank you for all who are praying for him, as well as my new sister, Katherine. Dalese sent me this video that gave me more insight into what Jonathan is going through. Part of my prayer for him is that the Lord would be his strength; nourishment; warmth...that God would give him endurance and energy...that Jonathan would find all of his rest in God alone.

There are about seven 4 minute clips in all. Please take a moment to watch them (the rest are on youtube)...and continue to pray for Jonathan and Katherine.

I love you Jon-Phinn and Katherine.

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DEWS NEWS said...

I love to read (or hear) how you pray...your words and thoughts are so original and GOOD!
I'm so proud of you, my oldest DIL!!!
Praying with you for our family...that GOD will be glorified in ALL WE DO!!!