Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Fun

I KNOW!! Don't fall out of your chair! I'm posting for the first time in a month! :)

I wanted to post some pictures of Jonathan and Katherine's wedding, but J & K have them in their possession! It was a beautiful ceremony and such a blessing to all be together (finally!) When I get those, I'll post them!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the 3 weeks that Dalese and Mick were here in Texas!

The entire family after J & K's rehearsal dinner.

After the wedding, we all went back to MeeMaw's house to hang out. Here's my youngest brother being...well...himself!

I love his eyes in this picture...had no idea he was doing this!

Ahhh...brotherly love!

Rebecca and Lizzy...our second cousins. They are the SWEETEST girls in the world!

Ummm...Glen? :)

Mick's birthday party at Bonny Methvin's!

Dalese with Jody's sweet baby girl, Dylan.

This was after Uncle David's 60th birthday party. One of my favorite pictures!

Most of the family!

The family playing with Legos! :)

Look what a great job Steven is doing! :)

Dalese taught me how to knit...I couldn't stop! :)

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DEWS NEWS said...

I've not seen these pictures...they brought tears to my eyes...what FUN the LORD gave us...I'm so thankful...wish we could do it again SOON...but we will have to rely on memories (great ones) and be thankful for the time TOGETHER we had...knowing that our hearts are ONE though we are MILES apart!
I love you so much...
How is that scarf coming???