Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another new addition to the Klausmeyer family...and to our ever-growing Sunday School! :) Should I be drinking that water?! ;) I was blessed to be able to visit Wyatt, Colton, Heather, and Kurtis the day after his birth. There was visiting; a little painting of Heather's toenails :); and loving on Colton and Wyatt!

My favorite picture of Wyatt...

So sweet!

Love that face! :)

I have no idea what was going on...but it made for a cute picture!

This ed me up! While we were attempting to get a family photo, all Colton wanted to do was touch his little brother! He never let his eyes off of me...and VERY carefully could sneak his little hand over. For some reason they always caught him! :)


The Sanders House said...

I love the second picture! Adorable! Great job Katie....I love all your work! Thanks for the throat really helped me!

Roberts said...

Oh congrats to them! He is adorable and your pics are beautiful!