Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anniversary Weekend!

Christopher and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend! We were able to dedicate the whole weekend and Monday to having fun! On Saturday, I took C to the Wiener Dog races! read that right! The Wiener Dog races! If you know C's family, you know that as soon as I learned about this I just HAD to take him there! It was SO funny! Here are a few snap shots...

One of the little racers!

The big dogs!

Heehee! Too cute!

You know you love your dog when you shade him instead of yourself in 100+ degree weather! :)

Look at the little gates they made for them!

Those ears!

On Monday, C took Bailey and I to the beach for a cookout. Yes...that's the beach...not a big tub full of chocolate milk! :)

Bailey had SO much fun! This was her first trip to the beach!

Her little set up...

Our little set up...

Bailey got a little over-zealous at the sight of sand!

Our drip sand castle!

Big dogs = the perfect place to hide!! :)


Emily said...

I highly doubt you need to hide!! Y'all are cute, doing such fun stuff together.

Kristie said...

How fun! Get in all those good vacations now so you can get that baby on the way!